The Echo of Tilak Vihar
     By: Harpreet Kaur

They took away everything I had,
My husband, my honor and my lad.

I stood naked in the street,
Bare skinned and splintered feet.

Ten men rapped me one at a time,
Openly committing such a crime.

Those in uniform who were suppose to defend,
Turned to the mobs and became their friend.

I saw my husband being burned in front of my eyes,
The massacre came to us as a surprise.

I was going about my daily routine,
Suddenly I heard my neighbor scream.

I opened my door to check what was wrong,
A group of men dressed in black were all preaching a song.

“Kill all the Sikh men, don’t leave even one alive!”
Minutes later, they grabbed my neighbor, the newly wed bride.

Before I knew it, everything had come to an end.
My husband, my child and my home, nothing left to defend.

I still stand naked in the street,
Unable to find the cover I seek.

© 2005 Copyright of material contained in this piece, unless other wise indicated, is owned by Harpreet Kaur.  All rights reserved.